A K Banerjee : IS CIC violating provisions of RTI Act?

IS CIC violating  provisions of RTI Act?

It has been gathered that CIC is insisting upon for filing of two copies of appeals/complaints whereas there is no such provision under the RTI Act, 2005 or RTI Rules, 2012. As per Rule 8 of the RTI Rules, 2012.
An appeal to the Commission is to be filed in the format given in the Appendix to the Rule. The Performa of the Appendix given at the end of the RTI Rules, 2012 does not prescribed filing of the appeals/complaints in duplicate; therefore, only one copy of the appeal/complaint is required to be filed.
Moreover, the appeals/complaints in the CIC are heard by a Single Member Bench of the Information Commissioner; therefore, there is no need for filing two copies of the appeal/complaint.
Recently, the CIC Registry returned a few  complaints on the ground that the attached documents are not self attested  whereas the  attached documents in the first copy of the complaint (being original) was duly attested as is the practice even in the courts.
Registry took the second copy for registration and rejected the same. This has resulted in delay of months together even in getting the complaints registered, besides draining out lot of time and resources.
Even otherwise when there are no provisions of filing two copies, filing of additional copy is a national wastage which needs to be avoided in larger public interest as the paper pulp comes out of wood/bamboo and affecting environmental issues also.