Somesh Arora : Lean and thin investigating agencies always perform the best

Lean and thin investigating agencies always perform the best
Of  many premier investigating agencies that keep helping the Government in crime control and detection, the experience shows that the best performing are the ones who are of latest origin and/or lean and thin in its manpower and operations. We have many examples of agencies who performed very well initially whether of Home Affairs or of Revenue, but now have become a burden and are riddled with corruption in their own mini cadres. The moment a premier investigating agency increases its staff strength, the instances of corruption with in it go up. Example of CBI officers being caught, by the same agency , and also of leakage of information pertaining to its operations by its own staff have alarmed that agency. DRI, Income Tax  (Investigation), NCB, Directorate of Enforcement and even DGCEI is also not untouched by such instances. Agencies like EIB, Financial Intelligence Unit in Ministry of Finance and now National Investigation Agency( NIA) who have been keeping themselves lean and thin and hive off petty or unrelated work and are focused on their own area of work, perform well even when not much in  media glare.  Recently, it is observed that NIA has been doing quite a good work. Of particular mention are its operational intelligence which led to detection of Rs.200 crores worth of cash along with gold and diamonds in Mumbai in a joint operation with Income-tax. It is not that this will have been first instance of such a huge consignment of cash, moving like this. But all other agencies in a city like Mumbai were either  unaware or did not bother , till NIA gave inputs and made the detection possible even though its area of focus is terrorism related offences and trail of funding of such operations. Even the way it is proceeding in investigations relating to killing of  Congressmen in Chattisgarh, where needle of suspicion points to a serious political  plot or collusion of some elements,  with in the politicians, is commendable, as it is carrying out its investigation without any fear or favour and is out to expose the bigger plot. In fact, the Premier Investigating Agencies by their very nature should focus on bigger crimes and should have rather quality personnel  than just in numbers. Even if these agencies, at some stage get bogged down in litigation of matters booked by them, they should hive off their litigation to some specialized units rather than getting enamored with increasing their staff. For instance, EIB does not get involve in investigations but passes of intelligence to other agencies and focuses only on its hard core business. For any new investigation agency the burden of litigation to begin with is less, therefore it is able to focus on its objectives. Later it gets bogged down in litigation, requirement of more staff, whose number if increased brings its own share of problems like internal bickering and politicking, corruption and lack of focus leading to deterioration of high initial standards set by such agencies. Does it mean that a good investigating agency like a SSI unit ( which finally gets crushed with the legal compliance burden) has an effective life span of about 20- 25 years only? And the way a shrewd Entrepreneur of an  SSI unit starts looking for opening a new one after some time, same way even good Ministers should explore starting a new such agency, every now and then.
Tourism 2050.-Mount Everest by road- The Uttrakhand devastation has exposed the dangers of uninhibited growth of habitations and infrastructure in high terrains. The way habitations are growing at high altitudes leading to warming up of these places and the way Governments especially of China and India are unconcerned to the perils and exploiting the resources at higher altitudes, this seems to be quite a realistic scenario. Nature`s warnings are just going unheeded like a common man`s complaints against the systems. In 2005, it was Mumbai flooded due to dwellings in the course of Mithi river. In 2010-Ladakh flooded due to cloud burst in the course of Indus. And in 2013-cloud burst compelling Mandakini to follow its abandoned west course in Kedarnath,  causing devastation. Clouds cry and roar but their voices are lost in the din of  Economic Development. Already, the hill stations for spending summer have moved higher from altitudes of 7,000 ft. to 13,000 ft. with Nanital, Shimla,Mussorrie , Dalhousie etc. being what Delhi was in 1960`s. As the developers never miss such opportunities, therefore expect Ads, phone calls on your DND mobiles, SMS, e-mails proposing to sell a house at the roof of the world with 360 degree panoramic view from a multistoried at Mount Everest- the highest address in the world( higher than Burj Khalifa) in what was once having enough snow to get you water. Expect enough snowfall again, if the civilization in the lower reaches end any day.
Slim and thin bride for a groom: In case you are really interested, then one place highly recommended is the Cabin and cockpit of “ Go air” . With its obsession of cost reduction and cost cutting, the airline which was already having a thin cabin crew has further decided to employ thin female as air hostesses and pilots  as every reduction of  one K.G. of weight results in savings. Every additional kg on board costs Rs 3 per flight hour. With an airhostess weighing about 15-20kg less than a male flight purser, Go Air expects to save about Rs 2.5 crore to Rs 3 crore annually.  With the `Go Air” having a policy not to accept 10 Rs. Coins for payment of eatables as the same may be required to be carried in next flight and to accept only Rs. 10/- notes. The weight wars in the aircrafts have just begun with Indian Airlines also wanting to do the same. Weight reduction for persons like me therefore becomes synonymous with cost reduction in future.  Slim female can in turn expect to become more employable.