Ajayveer Singh Jain : Look beyond the Cola wars

The Cola wars have been much talked about. The background is that Coca Cola and Pepsi would enter any market together and start a loud campaign attacking each other.  The Coke would say that it is better than Pepsi, and Pepsi would say it is better than Coke. What they say together is that there is no third drink in competition. It will take a lot of time for people to understand the game, but till then these two will make good money and buy out the other competitors and also the entire juice industry and the other ones dealing in the like products.

India has its version of the Cola war. It’s in the political arena. One party says the other has failed, so I am the only option before the people. The other says look at that party, they have failed you once in the past and do not have a good agenda, so give us another chance.

Well, the people of India have been told that they do not have the third option. What will you do if  you want to find a cleaner and better option?  I am sure that the reality is much bigger than the posters and slogans of these parties. There are much better options and which are blurred in the noise of the mass media which talks only about the big parties. For them the rest do not exist. It is taught very aptly in the mass communication schools that media is the only reality. Till now they have been right. Future may be different.

The most surprising thing that can be easily verified is that you keep voting for one party all your life but if you go to their party office to become the primary member then it is not available to you. You may run pillar to post but the policy is clear-no more members needed. This fact is not known to all the people who keep sympathising with a particular leader or a particular party. The question is why the membership is not open to the people who adhere to the ideology (if it all) of the party. Why people are not given the right to participate in the internal democratic functioning of the political parties?

The search for the answers may lead to some embarrassing propositions. So let us leave the question here with the hope that people will understand the game themselves and take the corrective measures.

My suggestion is very clear- instead of the colas it is better to prepare your own home made drink with some lemon (there can be other options) that does not attract any ‘luxury’ taxes. Surprisingly our tax regime attracts taxes on basic necessities and needs like medicine and food also. And a five star hotel pays luxury taxes for being clean and hygienic. That explains why being dirty pays here. Anyway it is time to go for swadeshi  in the political field also. Ignore the big parties and look for local known good people and make them contest.

It may take some time but the political renaissance in India is round the corner. It is nice to read Shiv Khera on the auto rickshaws these days. It is the manifestation of the deep desire of the Indian people for emancipation from the enemy within us. 

The next time you say no to a Cola for health reasons, remember that there are other Colas which also need your attention. avslaw@gmail.com